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نسخه‌ی کامل: مصاحبه با Gunner Wright نسخه انگلیسی| English Version of interview with Gunner Wright
شما درحال مشاهده‌ی نسخه‌ی متنی این صفحه می‌باشید. مشاهده‌ی نسخه‌ی کامل با قالب‌بندی مناسب.
متن انگلیسی این مصاحبه به سفارش تعدادی از بازیکنان خارجی در اینحا گذاشته شد تا آنها نیز از این مصاحبه اختصاصی گیمفا استفاده کنند.

This interview here with Gunner Wright now in english in order of some fans in other countries
Original Source : Gamefaplus:Digital Magazine #4 persian language

[تصویر:  GamefaPlus-Digital-4.jpg]========================================

First of all thank you too much because of your time. It’s a great honor for us to have an interview with you as a professional actor

Isaac in the first Dead Space, got no voice and it wasn’t very attractive character
 ? Before working for visceral on Dead Space 2, were you familiar with earlier Dead space
? What happened that some changes took place on Isaac character

 I wasn’t very familiar with the franchise before auditioning for the role. Once I got the job EA / Visceral gave me story boards, scripts, and we began work right away with what we wanted to achieve

  How hard were applying these changes on Isaac Character ?

It wasn’t that is was hard but there was a lot of pressure because the first game was successful and many fans were questioning if Isaac even needed to speak. So we had a lot of work to do to prove to the fans that we were heading in the right direction with the franchise

  ? Why they chose you as the Isaac Actor? Were there any other option

Great question, there were other actors who auditioned for the part. I think one of the reasons that I was hired is because I showed the producers a human side to their character. Isaac Clarke is not the quintessential “HERO BADASS,” he’s a regular guy thrusted into extreme situations. I really worked hard to show them that in the audition process

 ? What do you think about other characters such as Elly or Carror? Were they good enough

Both Ellie Langford and John Carver are great characters and the actors did an amazing job bringing them to life

What would you say if I ask you to summarize Isaac Clark in on sentence On word Can you even do this

My one word: Survivalist

In your opinion, How much do you think Dead Space had influence on this genre ?

I think underlying the survival horror elements of gaming Dead Space has showcased an incredibly rich story. It’s like we were shooting feature films that just happened to be games

Did you scare at all ?

Sure I do, but that is the fun

Did you want to be Isaac and fight with Necromorfs head to head

Well I hate dying but I do it pretty well in the game

Do you play video games ?

I do, right now I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 a lot

Will there any Movie titled dead space ?

I sure hope so. I’d love to play Isaac in a Dead Space movie!

How did you feel on that horrifying scene that a needle gets in to Isaac's eyes?

Hahaha that scene is tough to watch

When people sees you, they remind you as one of the characters in your earlier movies or Isaac Clark?

It’s usually Isaac Clarke from Dead Space or Captain Lee Miller in the sci-fi film LOVE

Dead Space 3 was the last one or we can still expect the next one?

I would love to do another Dead Space game. Hopefully the fans like DS3 and we can shoot another one.

How much do you know Iran? Dead Space has many fans in our country. If you have anything to tell them we will proudly send it to them ?

I don’t know a lot about Iran. I am very happy to know that there are a lot of fans of Dead Space in your country. To all of you that have followed the franchise I really hope you enjoy the upcoming DS3 game and I would like to say thanks to you for all of the support and enthusiasm. Best Wishes to all of you.

Thanks for your answers & good luck

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